BCFS announces its participation in the 5th Annual Global Pension Symposium

01 September 2011
BCFS will be participating in the 5th Annual Global Pension Symposium in November, the only dedicated conference of its type in Japan. Pensions and Investments and Nomura Securities will be bringing together the world’s foremost plan sponsors, consultants and academics to consider the state of global pension investing. It is an opportunity for Japanese plan sponsors to better understand the activity of their peers in the pension community, while also hearing from global plan sponsors who face the same issues about meeting the retirement promises of plan participants. The two-day conference offers in-depth presentations by consultants and academics on this year’s theme of asset allocation.
More than 300 executives from top pension funds in Japan have attended the two-day event each year. The conference provides an opportunity for attendees to gain insight on the latest global developments in pension thinking on subjects as wide-ranging as governance, fiduciary management, investment philosophy and plan design.
Barclays Capital Fund Solutions is involved in the development of the conference agenda and Shachi Shah, Managing Director and Head of BCFS will be speaking at the live event, while Ajay Jain, Global Head of Portfolio Engineering at BCFS will be participating in a panel discussion.
The conference will consider new practices in drawing up strategic investment policies – and where debate remains over portfolio theory and practice. It will look at the issue in a global fashion, drawing on expertise in pension investing from across the world. It will look at how plan sponsors are altering asset allocation practice at the portfolio level, asset class level and operational level.
The event will also address how plan sponsors should be considering their strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions, and how these practices work in concert with their risk management and monitoring decision-making. As all pension plans seek to meet their liabilities and fund the retirements of their plan participants, asset allocation is the key to success.
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